Issue: March 6, 2017

Published on March 6, 2017

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NYS DOH Commissioner Waives E-Prescribing for SNF Until Oct. 31, 2017

Author: Nancy Leveille and Stephen B. Hanse* Published in Clinical & Quality

On Friday, Dr. Howard Zucker, NYSDOH Commissioner of Health, issued a memorandum with certain updates regarding the State’s e-prescribing program. In his memorandum, the Commissioner extended the e-prescribing waiver for nursing homes from March 26th through October 31st. Among other things, the Commissioner’s memo addressed the technological and economic conditions causing issues for providers as well as the significant reliance upon oral communications with the prescriber and pharmacy in nursing homes and residential health care facilities for non-controlled substances. NYSHFA has been a leader in advocating for this assistance from the Governor's office and will continue to work with the Legislature to solve these issues specific to skilled nursing and residential health care facilities by the new October 31st target date.


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