DOH Alert For NYC: HERDS Survey Issued on HCS - Hurricane Matthew planning

This morning an Alert notification was sent out from the New York State Department of Health indicating HERDS has been activated for select NYC healthcare facilities, home care agencies and hospices to complete one or more survey forms in advance of Hurricane Matthew.

By regulation, all providers must comply with NYSDOH requests for essential data - particularly information needed to prepare for and respond to the impact of emergency events, such as Hurricane Matthew. This current data collection is for planning purposes and no evacuation orders are in place at this time. Facilities and agencies are directed to submit the requested data within THREE HOURS.

Healthcare facilities with questions regarding this data collection should call the Office of Health Emergency Preparedness at (518) 408-5163.  Agencies with questions regarding this data collection should send an email to:

Users are reminded to be sure to first Save All, press the Review and Submit button and then Submit Data to DOH in order to successfully complete the data submission process. Pressing the Save button alone does NOT submit data to NYSDOH.

For questions: Please send an e-mail to, as notify01 is a non-monitored mailbox.