Issue: October 8, 2015

Published on October 8, 2015

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Final Priority Alert – CMS Requirements of Participation (ROP) #6

Author: Nancy Leveille* Published in Clinical & Quality

Thank you to all who have sent in comments to the CMS ROP thus far. To those who have not, there is ONE WEEK LEFT for you to participate.

Our last idea is to conduct a facility activity with residents and staff and write comments together and assist them with submitting their concerns. Many of you have conducted this type of activity in the past to write to your legislators. Pick a couple issues that directly affect your facility and resident care, discuss them with the group and collect their thoughts.

This may be an easy way to create a productive event for your residents to have their voices heard.

October 14th at 4:00 pm is the deadline.  Attached for your convenience are the key elements to consider when providing your comments.  NYSHFA is requesting that you click on this link: and follow the "Instructions and Guidelines for Commenting". You will be able to submit comments to CMS via the link at the bottom of that information.


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