DOH Issues Statewide Storm Guidance for all Healthcare Facilities

Karen Morris

DOH has issued a statewide storm guidance for all healthcare facilities in New York State. Please note there is great uncertainty in the track of this storm and “there may be impacts to numerous parts of New York State (similar to storms Irene and Lee in 2011)” per this guidance. Facilities should anticipate power outages and transportation shutdowns (NYC) based on their location.

Insure now that your HCS account is current and the communication directory is up to date, monitor the HCS and the NYSHFA/NYSCAL Emergency Preparedness website frequently for updates, monitor the HCS and DOH email notifications for activation of HERDS surveys, review your eFINDS system and insure staff have access to the equipment (scanner and wristbands), insure staff have facility IDs that designate they are employed by a healthcare facility to insure they will be able to travel in the event of an evacuation and review the attached guidance in its entirety with your emergency preparedness team.  Stay Safe!


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