Issue: August 12, 2015

Published on August 12, 2015

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CMS is Revising the Requirements for Participation for Long Term Care: We Need Your Help!

Author: Richard Herrick and Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris* Published in Clinical & Quality

As noted late last week, in our August 7, 2015 member mailing, CMS posted changes to the Requirements for Participation (ROP) for LTC. Comments are due by September 14, 2015. NYSHFA has reviewed all sections and many of these proposed requirements will create major changes to your business without proper funding or staff to accomplish. AHCA is requesting we have at least 200 organizations respond from NYS to assist in this national effort to provide comments. NYSHFA is requesting that you click on this link: and follow the “Instructions and Guidelines for Commenting”. You will be able to submit comments to CMS via the link at the bottom of that information.  Start to select one or two topics from the list AHCA has identified that you feel you could comment on. If all of us do that much, we can cover all topics. NYSHFA will be commenting on the majority, but that will not be not be enough to cause CMS to change. This is a time when we need a volume of comments from all of you. Each Thursday until September 14, we will send out a Priority Alert to you to continue to focus on different topics to assist you with this process. But, we need you to start today by understanding the changes and getting your teams involved in the process. Different team members from a SNF can also comment individually to help maximize the number of responders to CMS.


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