Advanced Training Initiative – (RHCF-Schedule P)

Carl J. Pucci and Esq. Stephen B. Hanse in Finance & Reimbursement

As announced in the 2015/16 Executive Budget, funding has been provided for an Advanced Training Initiative (ATI).  Approximately $46M has been approved for the next two state fiscal years (2015/16 and 2016/17) to provide training for certain direct care staff to more readily detect patient decline and thus avoid unnecessary hospitalizations (see attached DOH Public Notice).

NYSHFA met with representatives from the DOH, 1199 and other statewide and regional associations yesterday to discuss the State's preliminary rollout of this initiative.  One of the first key steps in this process will be to ensure an accurate and timely filing of RHCF-Schedule P “Staff Turnover.”  DOH may use Schedule P as a qualifier to measure staff retention, which is seen as a key indicator in the anticipated application process for providers.

Below is the DOH email being sent to all providers.

Dear Administrator:

A $46 Million Advanced Training Initiative (ATI) has been created with the passage of the 2015/2016 NYS Budget.  The ATI is being funded for two years to help provide training to direct care staff to more readily detect and identify patient decline and avoid unnecessary hospitalization.  Staff retention is being considered as a measure for qualifying facilities to submit applications for these funds.  Schedule P of both the RHCF-2 and RHCF-4 report Staff Turnover.  An examination of prior years’ Schedule P reports has shown that some facilities have not completed the schedule, failed to complete the entire schedule, or completed the schedule incorrectly.  Since Schedule P may be a tool used as a qualifier, facilities are reminded to complete the schedule fully and accurately.  Failure to timely and accurately complete this schedule may result in disqualification from participating in the ATI.  The instructions for the completion of schedule P are included with this message and include an important addition:

For column number 777, total number of employees who remained employed through the year from January 1st of the reporting year to December 31st of the same reporting year is to be entered.  The totals reported in each cell of COLUMN 777 CAN NOT BE GREATER THAN the total reported in column 770.  The totals in both column 770 and 777 should include ALL employees regardless of full or part-time status.

Attached are the specific Schedule P instructions.

Any questions can be sent to with the subject line ADVANCED TRAINING INITIATIVE

NYSHFA will continuously provide input to DOH and monitor development of the ATI over the coming months prior to implementation.


Carl J. Pucci
Director, Finance & Reimbursement
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Stephen B. Hanse
Vice President & Counsel, Governmental Affairs
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