Issue: December 31, 2014

Published on December 31, 2014

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Universal Settlement Update

Author: Carl J. Pucci* Published in Finance & Reimbursement

An agreement has been reached between New York State officials, DOH and legal counsels representing nursing homes on the terms of an $850M Universal Settlement, which includes most pending Medicaid appeals as well as reimbursement related litigation.  Owners and/or their designated representatives should have received facility-specific impacts of the settlement last week.  NYSHFA and other provider associations conducted an informational webinar on 12/29/14 and it has been archived and is available (along with all supporting documents related to the settlement) at NYSHFA.ORG (under “What’s New”.)  A set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is presently being compiled from both the webinar as well as questions sent directly to the Associations.  The FAQs will also be posted to our website as soon as finalized. Owners and/or designated representatives are reminded to access the Universal Settlement Participation Survey and respond to the questionnaire no later than Friday, January 9, 2015.

We encourage members to carefully review all supporting documents and consult their respective legal counsel and/or accounting firms for further guidance.

Please contact NYSHFA with any facility-specific requests regarding either settlement amounts or possible DOH receivable offsets.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year!


Carl J. Pucci
Director, Finance & Reimbursement
518-462-4800 x36