IMPORTANT - Internet Explorer Alert

Rick Patterson in Information Services

The following Alert was sent to us here at NYSHFA by our IT Consultants (Repeat Business Systems).

You may or may not have heard media reports about a significant vulnerability discovered in Internet Explorer and the recommendation to stop using it as a browser.  Our network engineers and senior IT staff have investigated the risk and felt that, at a minimum, we contact our customers to ensure they are aware of the problem and provide potential ‘fixes’ that can be implemented to mitigate the risk.  Here is some helpful information:

  • It is important to use proper internet browsing behavior no matter the browser and be mindful of clicking on links in ads or on websites, and not clicking on embedded links in emails if you are not familiar with the site or the person sending it.  Alternative browsers are available should you choose to use them:

-      *Google Chrome -
-      *Mozilla Firefox -

*Please note that all internet browsers could be subject to the same vulnerability but at this time it is considered to be the best practice to reiterate your Acceptable Use Policy for internet browsing and safe browsing behavior (e.g. avoid in Ad pop ups, avoid clicking on embedded links in emails, be careful of queries returned by search engines, ensure typing in the correct search terms or url). 

  • To help mitigate the risk using Internet Explorer, you can follow the steps provided by Microsoft in their official release outlining the issue.
  • If you have any systems that are currently running on Windows XP it is highly recommended that you upgrade your systems as soon as possible.  Microsoft is no longer providing any security patches to support that operating system. We can assist with this upgrade as needed.  Also note that Outlook and Outlook Express are not subject to the vulnerability.

If you have any questions please contact us at: